City and Venue

Brno is by population the second largest city in the Czech Republic and historical capital of Moravia. Currently, it is the center of the judiciary, located there are the seats of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office. Besides, it is very important administrative center, because the state authorities with national enforcement powers and other important institutions reside there. Brno is also one of the most important university cities of the Czech Republic. It is home of 13 universities and colleges, which are attended by more than 90 000 students. The oldest one is Brno University of Technology (est. 1899), with more then 24.000 students. It is Faculty of Information Technology of this University that hosts

Address of the faculty is: Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, Božetěchova 1/2, 612 66 Brno, Czech Republic. The faculty on openstreetmap and on googlemaps.